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How much does a loft conversion cost?

This is not easy to answer as every project is bespoke and can only be assessed following a full and detailed survey of your property.  Get in touch here to arrange a visit. We will not take too much of your time to provide you a fixed, no obligation quote for your loft conversion. TEL:

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What happens to my water tank?

Your water tank will have to be relocated to a new area. In most cases it will be moved behind the lower wall section of your new loft. Access can be gained via small in built door. You might want to take advantage, at this point, of having a new boiler installed in order to

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Will there be much mess and disturbance?

Mess, disturbance and rubbish is kept to a minimum. Where scaffold is erected that is our main point of entry for work on your loft. Materials are taken up to the work are via the scaffolding as well. We will only need to be working in the landing area to fit your new staircase and

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